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The WelliWOW 2022 Pop-Up Arts Series!

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WelliWOW 2022 – The series so far:

What is it? 

For the first time as part of the 2022 Wellington West ARTS Season, we’re launching a special series of 10 FREE ART AND PERFORMANCE EVENTS on surprising days and times, in unusual places across the area.

The series will start in May 2022 and will feature a new artist or group “popping up” in a different space every week until the end of July! We’ll announce each event in our Weekly Wednesday newsletter, but subscribers to the WELLIWOW mailing list will be the first to learn about each new event before it happens! 

Where is it happening? 

It’s a surprise! These events will be animating parks, public spaces, and surprising locations all across Hintonburg and Wellington Village. The idea is to pair an amazing and diverse variety of artists with non-traditional spaces to create unforgettable and engaging artistic experiences!

What can I expect to see?

Again, you’ll have to subscribe to find out details as we unveil new artists over the summer. But you can expect eye-popping visual art, diverse music, some dance, some drama, and so much more – just lots of high-quality artistic content everywhere. So picture a full-sized orchestra, an art parade, or an explosion of colourful, choreographed dancers right on our commercial mainstreet! 

Who’s part of this?  

This event is being organized by area merchants through the Wellington West Business Improvement Area. 

Our team is working in collaboration with locally-based MASC, Ottawa’s most diverse group of professional community art-makers – and their roster of performers and groups from a wide range of diverse communities, in all artistic disciplines.

We’re also partnering with the Friends of Parkdale Market, Ottawa Markets, and a number of other local not-for-profit performing arts organizations. 

This project is made possible through a generous grant from the City of Ottawa’s Downtown Business Relief program.

How do I join the fun?

Please join us and cheer along with our talented artists. But right now, here are three easy ways you can help: 

  1. Sign-up for the special WelliWOW mailing list below
  2. Sponsor a WOW event or the ARTS Season!
  3. Volunteer or find out more!

Just contact for information!

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