Hintonburg & Wellington Village

Parker rode into the fitness club on the gym bag of a man with many muscles. Parker looked around and saw many humans lifting weights. HUUUNH! Pulling bars. YEEEEEAH! And running on machines. THUM, THUM, THUM! They were sweaty and tired looking. “This was definitely the place to get rid of some extra energy,” thought Parker.

The running machine seemed like the best choice for Parker. Parker pressed buttons until the machine’s black side walk began to move. Faster and faster it went and Parker kept up with it – for a while. Then as suddenly as the extra energy had come to Parker, it left. The black side walk rolled Parker right off the running machine. KATHUNK!

Parker was exhausted. They’d gotten rid of too much energy!

There were a couple protein shakes nearby in a gym bag. Parker opened one and found it was quite tasty. After finishing it, Parker felt some energy return but their thoughts weren’t so fast. Parker carried a couple of the protein shakes outside and thought about heading home.

With all that they had gathered, both of Parker’s front paws were full and their mouth carried more. Parker realized they may have collected more than they needed and would have to figure out what to do with the extra. Parker thought there wasn’t any better way to eat food than with friends, but Parker also remembered that there were other animals that might need the food more than they did.

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