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WOW8: Magical Mystery Moves with Propeller Dance in Wellington Village

Propeller Dance and Wellington Village celebrated movement and creativity in transforming an unlikely performance space into a collaborative stage

Our most recent WelliWOW saw Propeller Dance transform a parking lot into a cutting-edge performance space with the help of an enthusiastic audience! Right in the heart of Wellington Village, the “non-normative” dance troupe invited the community to experience their radicalization of contemporary dance with an interactive performance.

Alongside members of the audience, the dancers interpreted music and participant-provided themes to celebrate movement after two long years of stillness. Children and adults alike were enthralled with the choreography and inspired to show off their best dance moves! Thank you to Propeller Dance for shaking up the week and to Little Jo Berry’s for providing the dancing-fuel treats!

WOW8 Details:

  • Date: Thursday, July 21, 7:00 pm
  • Location: Near Smirle Ave (across from Fresh Air Experience) in Wellington Village (1286 Wellington St. West) 
  • Who: Propeller Dance  

About Propeller Dance

Propeller Dance creates, performs, and teaches integrated dance (in person and online) that showcases the power and beauty of diverse voices, bodies and minds through its innovative, inclusive artistry. Propeller is recognized as an exceptional art-based community-builder that accelerates societal change through art. We create non-normative art where the presence of disability is an asset that expands creative possibilities and propels the dance world forward. At the core of our work is the belief that dance is for all people, and a diversity of expression is of value. Propeller reaches people with and without disability, showing that we are all able to dance.

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